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IFB LTD is an Indian company. IFB means Indian fine blanks. The founder of this company is Bijon Nag. In association with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland, The Company starts manufacturing with blanked components tools, machine tools like straightness decoilers, strip loaders, etc. They introduced IFB Industries in 1974 on September 12.

They started with home appliances such as washing machines, separate dryers' kitchen items like Steel products, microwave ovens, and dishwashers.

They organize into three segments engineering home products, fine blanked components tools, machine tools. In addition, they produce motors for white goods and automotive applications. Presently the company is undertaking the accessories of motor vehicles, diverse parts, and marketing the home appliances with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The companies' production is in Kolkata and manufactures fine blanking tools, press tools, and components in an extensive range of engineering industries. In 1985 IFB plan to establish 4.84 acres of land. Therefore, the company took a lease at Gangarampur in West Bengal to produce high technological machines and expand diversification programmers. In 1988, the company opened a new branch with a different product name like Project and construction division to handle the projects abroad and in India. In addition, in collaboration with P a Rentrop Hubert and Wagner GmbH & Co KG West Germany, The Organization created a Joint Venture Called RHW India Pvt Ltd. In India, collaboration with Bosch- Siemens Hausgerate manufactures fully automatic washing machine domestic Appliance also produced an automated seat adjustment technique and changed to IFB Industries LTD. 

From July 19, 1989, In UK, The open as European Fine Blanking Ltd in North Wales at Wrexham with European partners for the production of components fine blanking tools for the UK and Europe market. 

Later, RHW India Ltd became the company's subsidiary and kept the name RHW India Ltd. RHW India Ltd took agreement as a joint venture to produce, export, and sell automotive safety belts and other accessories. 

In 2000, the company began their fully automatic washing machine Kerala Electronic market.



In 2000, the company launched its new fully automatic washing machine Senator in the Kerala market. During 2002-03, the company launched an IFB digital washing machine with high-technological features with the latest international models and latest Microwave ovens. The company added 250 Nose of retail outlets in various countries in 2003-04 company launched the latent trend washing machines, Elena an 'Easy Drier' In Kolkata engineering companies are certified as QS9000 by DNV. In 2005-06, the company made a new model washing machine DIVA and high-end model DIGITAL 7kg. In 2006-7, 

The company launched two new models of microwave ovens and introduced a dishwasher. In 2007-08, they introduced Top leaders and a new model oven.

IFB is famous for launching new technology washing machines there are several models, which are helpful for us in our daily life

Top load model. Front-load Model; Semi-automatic, fully automatic, dryers, and washers like launched many models. Its capacity is 6 to 8 kg. Washes clothes are helpful for small and big families. IFB washes clothier neatly, removes the dust from clothes, and make dirty clothes.  

Why Quest dial:

Quest dial has more dealings with IFB Company all over India. It has connections with IFB dealers to purchase spare parts. IFB Company has a tie-up with Quest dial for installation and to refurbish some new devices. It has more experience in doing repairs of all electronic devices. Quest dial can easily manage huge customers because they hired qualified professionals. We are providing 24 hours service to the convenience of people. We solve every problem in IFB electronic items.

Quest dial has all IFB products spare parts. Anyhow, you can call at any time for repairing services.

Contact:  Quest Dial 8886697935



There are five severe problems with washing machines.

Washing machine with top loading

While washing, the washer makes a noise and vibrates.

The washing will stop abruptly.

Pumping issue

The spinning of the cloth basket will slow down.

When the washer makes noises,

Water leakage is caused by top-bearing deterioration.

The washer comes to a complete stop right away.

Due to excessive use of the equipment, the door switch should be broken or need to be replaced.

Problem with the water pump

When we need to replace or repair a water drain, we may encounter a problem. You should examine and fix the drain pump connection. Replace the new part if necessary.

The basket desires a spinner.

This issue will rise by over loading. To begin, remove some clothing and test whether or not it is working. You still find the same problem, and then you can modify the entire surface to make it run faster.

Front door washing machine

Here we should discuss the front open washing machine problems

Not working problem

Sometimes of water is not receiving to the machine

Why machine is not working

See the power button. Sometimes the power plug connection is a loser or detached and the wire problem.

The program should select the operator.

The machine door is not opening machine may be jammed

You can see the door symbol

There are five severe problems with washing machines.

Washing machine with top loading

While washing, the washer makes a noise and vibrates.

The washing will stop abruptly.

Pumping issue

The spinning of the cloth basket will slow down.

When the washer makes noises,

Water leakage is caused by top-bearing deterioration.

The washer comes to a complete stop right away.

Due to excessive use of the equipment, the door switch should be broken or need to be replaced.

When we need to replace or repair a water drain, we may encounter a problem. You should examine and fix the drain pump connection. Replace the new part if necessary must identify the primary issue

The water level is high.

High speed and high temperature

These are the reasons for the door open error

Door lock error: We should first observe the switch and then turn off the machine's button for two minutes, and it will open automatically. You verify the door error notice later. If you turn off the kid lock for two minutes, the indicator will display the information. The door will then be readily open.


1. What is the best way to fix the washing machine programmed?

A. Check to see if the start button is turned on.

Check the water pressure and supply by opening the top.

Check the program's status, pause, soak, rinse, and press the manual according to our specifications.

The machine abruptly comes to a halt.

Check whether all connections between the device's switch, plug, and button are accurate. Nonetheless, you confront the issue and seek repair.

This problem occurs from time to time due to overload.

The washing machine makes a lot of noise.

Coins, iron, and metal are sometimes inserted between the drums, and the machine generates noise while spinning. Noise in the washing machine might be caused by the faulty operation, overload, damage to particular parts, or a loose connection.

Quest Dial has an exclusive experience with IFB products. Mainly we repair all latest and old models of washing machines. Our technicians are experts in replacing the parts of the IFB washing machine. Our technician went to fix the IFB washing machines. Our customers felt happy with our service because we will provide the spare parts of the device.

IFB Microwave oven service center in Hyderabad

IFB microwave oven bakes and you can roast up to 35% quicker than Conventional ovens. You can cook oil-free and auto cook method Functions like a slow start, Auto heat fermentation keeps warm for various dishes. IFB oven remains fresh always we need less maintenance. You can cook Kebabs, pizzas, popcorn, ferment dough, batter, and dairy care.

Transmitter for high voltage

The oven needs an electric connection to cooking any dish without electricity, and it cannot work. Therefore, it requires the transmitter to change the current level and provide capable power to the oven.

IFB Refrigerators are available at reasonable rates. It has several models with a multi-air flow system in each IFB fridge, and it has various cooling systems and is easy to operate. You can store any item in the refrigerator. It gives long life to every part because it is a standard product in electronic devices. It has high competition in the market. People as if this fridge because it is Indian companies all the spare parts are available in India.

With a low- and midstream, the ability can quickly freeze water to produce ice at your next party, and multiple cooling programmers, it is easy to see why IFB is the choice refrigerator for many homes today. You can safe every item in microwave oven

Variety of Repairs in IFB Refrigerators

Water leakage

Compressor problem

 Cooling problem

Condenser repair

Sounds from the fridge unexpectedly

Motor service

Capacitor defective

IFB refrigerator consists of numerous models. Like the single door, double door, Top freezer, bottom freezer refrigerators with different capacities.

Quest dial is perfect for repairing every component in each model. It has a variety of customers; we already repaired countless refrigerators. We have widespread customers. Therefore, we have experience in doing every service.


Microwaves use these parts to convert electricity into electromagnetic waves, and then used to reheat food items. The electromagnetic coil achieves this by employing an especially constructs diode that controls electrons using magnetic fields. Two screen magnets reject the particles and prevent them from escaping by rotating clockwise direction.

When electrons flow fast by holes in the anode, microwaves are produced. The magnetron had tremendous strength, and early microwaves were far more potent than modern microwaves. As technology advances, copper coils get smaller, allowing the entire device to be smaller.


The waveguide is a thing like a wave-transmitting element of the oven. The electrons created by the capacitor are transmitted and sent to a burning hole through a small metal screen.

Cooling Fan

Like other household appliances, a microwave is vulnerable to burning and is supply with a refrigeration system to prevent this. The air conditioner in a microwave spreads the electricity generated by the microwaves.

IFB Air Conditioner service center in Hyderabad

IFB introduced Fast Cool – The Almost no AC with these elements at its core: no sacrifice mainly on the air you breathe, your extraordinary pleasure, or your comfort. The IFB Fast Cool AC has a 7-Stage Air Treatment system that enhances indoor air quality, industry-leading cooling standards, and cutting-edge innovations that increase its longevity and dependability.

Our rigorous mindset in the development and manufacture of IFB Fast Cool enables us to provide you with a 1-year Machine Warranty (comprehensive), 4-year Super Warranty, 10-year Compressor Warranty, and 5-year ODU PCB Warranty.

Lowering your electric bill would also give you the comfort of ease. All IFB air conditioners are ISEER compliant, which means they perform better while using less energy. The R32 gas used in the IFB AC is non-toxic, improves efficiency, works well, and is eco-sustainable.

Additional Features of the IFB AC

The AI Inverter Program for proper functioning, Extremely Low Power- to save electricity, Air Conditioning with dual temperature settings, and Smart Fan, which reduces air-cutting noise from the air conditioner, are just a few characteristics included in the IFB Fast Cool AC.

Quest dial can repair every component of an IFB Air conditioner. We are giving exemplary service for each customer and satisfy 100 perfect in all angles.

Conclusion: IFB Electronic devices have more competition in the world. We are familiar with repairing services. In Hyderabad and Secunderabad Quest dial, become famous for our excellent service. Providing 24 hours service also gives a massive response in our area. Therefore, we are planning to serve huge people. We are hiring only qualified electronic techies.

Why People go for IFB Electronics?

IFB Electronics is Indian based company

Is IFB parts are available in anywhere in India?

Yes, IFB parts are available in allover India

Why people are looking for only Indian brands?

Indian brand parts are available in India forever.







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