Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

People prefer to prepare meals in microwave ovens rather than waiting over filthy open flames for hours and hours. Rather than, they may have placed it all in the microwave, hit a few switches, and had a meal cooked in a short time. Of obviously, people did not have power that may have been an issue.

How it works 

Microwave ovens enhanced domestic utility as they became widespread in the 1970s. A standard oven cooks food gradually outside, even though a microwave oven prepares food faster uniformly using tiny, electromagnetic solid waves. 


Most kitchens have a microwave. We should use it for frying or preparing food; yet, the true nature of this popular device lives on forever to the number of users. To know how a microwave runs, we should first learn the key components and how it works.

We look at the main features of a microwave oven.

Transformer for High Voltage

Microwaves take a substantial amount of electrical energy to run and cook food effectively, generally around 3000 and 4000 volts. In the U. S., power supply connectors provide only 115 volts of electricity, requiring the use of a transformer to change the power level and provide a sufficient current to the equipment, and it needs a converter to change the voltage levels and supply enough voltage to the gadget. The power line converter is helpful in this regard, as it can transfer the current to a much higher level. It achieves this by having a range of capacitors that loop electrical signals to improve their voltage, thereby providing the microwave with both the power required to work.


This component of microwaves brings great electricity from the converter and transfers it into electromagnetic energy to heat cooked food. The magnetic coil accomplishes this by using an explicitly designed diode that utilizes electromagnetic waves to control electrons. Two shield magnets repel the particles, move in a clockwise direction, and prevent them from escaping.

Microwaves will generate when electrons move fast through holes in the anode. The magnetron was incredibly powerful, and earlier microwaves are much stronger than modern microwaves. Copper coils become small as technology advanced, enabling the whole device will reduce


The waveguide is what it looks like: a component of the convection oven that transmits the waves. A thin metallic membrane transfers and sends the electrons produced by the magnetron towards the heating hole or chamber. The inner panels are transparent, enabling electrons to recover quickly and forth while still providing a critical safety role by preventing the wave from hitting the walls.



Cooling Fan

Like other electric appliances, a microwave is subject to heating and is equipped with a cooling system to mitigate this. A microwave's cooling fan distributes the power generated by the ovens, ensuring that it remains at a comfortable level. Initial heaters did not possess coolers; instead, they had a passionate fan that did the same.

Case and Cooking Cavity

The heating chamber of microwaves is the open central location where items will keep to fry, heated up, or unfrozen. The cooking chamber is generally low compared to the whole length of the microwaves that may seem weird compared to other cooking utensils where the cooking area is similar in size and shape. Microwave ovens manufactured microwaves are poisonous, so we should keep away from the people. Therefore, a microwave's chamber is so vast, with the wall surface, to protect user protection. When a microwave user closes the door, it creates a lidded container by which no electrons can leave.


The turntable is a detachable glass panel that lies within the microwave cavity for quick cleaning. The turntable's purpose is to circulate the food to glide smoothly without any hot or cold zones. The turntable has grooves, which enable it to quickly lock into place on the base of the magnetic core.

The intention of both the door of a microwave is to give the user convenient access to the internal chamber to insert or retrieve food trays. However, it performs a far more significant and more essential purpose: it locks the microwaves within the operating section to protect people from damage. Microwave doors include closures across the edges to guarantee that when the door shuts, a safe enclosure creates to prevent leakages in the oven. A glass piece of glass on the door of a microwave acts as a window, allowing people to keep a close eye on their dishes. It is necessary because they can turn the equipment off if the cuisine will become too hot and seems to be about to combust or become destroyed. The window, however, is equipped with a metal frame to keep microwaves from getting over. The mesh contains holes in it. The operator can see into the cooking chamber yet tiny enough to keep microwaves outside.

Panel of Control

The control panel is the component of the microwave oven that allows a person to inform the gadget what activity they want this to perform. A handle or switch, depending on the brand, may control the control panel on microwaves. You can use it to adjust the microwave's cooking time and power and select different operations like freeze or grill.

Power Adapter

A microwave's power cord plugs the device into a power socket and provides leading power energy.

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Types of Microwave Oven 

Counter Top

Above the range

Under cabinet

Under Counter

Above the counter

Combo Functions

Microwave Convection Oven Combo

The counter Top

However, because it is relatively low and takes up floor space, it is not suitable. However, if you have no choice, it is preferable to have it on the surface than nothing.


Pros: You can get affordable, high-quality ovens that will place on a table. When you need particular locations, the price generally rises. Another benefit is that you really can move it about the house whenever you need to for some reason. You will not be able to achieve it with any product recommendations.

TIP: If feasible, put your tabletop microwaves in a spot that people will not use often. The small microwaves are excellent to keep on a platform, which is not very functional because it is minor and squeezed between the stovetop and the refrigerator.

Above the platform

Getting microwaves that can place easily on the table wherever you want in your kitchen is a solution to putting your tabletop oven on the tabletop.

Microwaves fixing on above the platform are an excellent spot to put them since it saves space and puts the oven at a flat surface. Make sure to have a color or material that matches the stove, as shown in the photo. Imagine what the stove in the kitchen image above would appear like if it were white. That would be weird.


One alternative is to get microwaves placed below the cabinet doors and hang or get down from the cabinet doors. The real advantage is how it facilitates washing the countertop simpler. Otherwise, the microwave often stands so close to the surface that the surface area is virtually useless.

Building a microwave into the cabinets is installing a trendy microwave nowadays when renovating or inventing a single cook. It is an excellent spot to adjust the position, and it does not take up any storage space.

Functions in Combination

Nowadays days, you may buy ovens that have multiple functions, known as combo microwaves. Microwaves with a turbo cook and microwave-grill combos are the second most prominent options. Here are a few illustrations of each.

The oven seen above is a renowned microwave convection oven with many positive user ratings. It has inverter technology, which effectively cooks food. For a microwave and turbo oven combination, Price is reasonable

What is a convection oven, and how does it work?


Because it circulates hot air all around food, a convection oven cooks food quickly. It has a hole for air coming from one to another. The air circulating all around meal just as if being in a cold wind makes you more freezing speeds up cooking time. Convection ovens, according to Fine Preparation, can reduce cooking time by approximately 25%. However, if recipes call for a particular cooking time based on a regular oven, it can be a problem.


Microwave with grilling capability

Microwaves, which can grill food, are now available. They come with a grilling attachment. The size will play a significant role in your decision, based on where you will put your microwave and how you will use it. You might need a large microwave if you frequently cook large meals in it. Alternatively, if you want to save room, a small oven is a good option. Then there is the possibility that you will need to buy a microwave to fit a created microwave place in your kitchen, so actual size is essential.

There are four factors to consider when choosing a microwave size.


Entire Measurements: If you need the oven to fit in a small area, you can choose a position based on its overall dimensions, including height, width, and depth.


Interior Dimensions: If you require a microwave to suit specified dish sizes or pizza sizes (for example), you will want to look at the interior dimensions (cooking space). If you use larger cookware in your microwaves, one thing to keep in mind is inner length.

The smaller microwaves have a capacity. Of 7 cubic feet. Larger versions have a length of 2.2 CU. Ft.; while smaller models have 1.4 cubic. Ft. microwave oven that is medium in size. Bigger cubic inches may not always indicate a larger volume. The size of the entire internal space is a given in cubic feet.

Spindle Size: This is a regular size issue because the turntable diameter determines the maximum size of the plate or spherical dish defrosted. Microwave spinners with smaller sizes are 9 inches in diameter. The turntables on a large oven are 16 inches in length.



Wattage is a unit of measurement for microwave power, and it refers to how much electricity it consumes to run. The wattage of an oven ranges from 700 to 1,500. Microwaves with a power rating of 700 to 800 watts and more outstanding are accessible. The higher the voltage, the quicker and more convenient the device.


A microwave oven is essential in our house. You should see the range according to your place, budget, electric capacity, and family member's capacity. Regular maintenance is mandatory to keep your device safe everything in the oven should be clean; otherwise, you will get infections and attacks dangerous diseases.

Why should you engage a technician for the Microwave oven?

You should clean the oven frequently and you should consult technicians and service need twice a month to avoid shocks, leakages, and tiny problems.

Why should you see measurements before going to purchase?

It would help if you placed it on a large surface. Therefore, you should measure the platform or area in the kitchen.


No, it is shock-free. However, it would help if you cleaned inner space and regular checking and maintenance needs.

Why should you consult Quest Dial?

Quest dial is providing 24 hours customer service, and expert technicians will repair the parts perfectly. Every person in Hyderabad satisfies 100 percent with our service. Therefore, Quest Dial service center is famous in twin cities.

Which is the best Microwave oven?

You should select according to your convenience.


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