Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad

Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad

A refrigerator is an essential home appliance for preserving food items, vegetables, fruits, and perishable things. Generally, the refrigerator life span is ten years. However, if your switch off the fridge, then the repair may cause sometimes. Maintenance is mandatory and service for every six months is necessary to avoid significant repairs. Initially, it would help if you observed the condition frequently. Then call to Refrigerator service center in Hyderabad. Many Refrigerators service centers are there in Hyderabad. Still, you should consult an expert and confident technician to repair it because the fridge is the high payable electronic device in the house. Quest dial, a Refrigerator service center in Hyderabad, can repair all parts of the refrigerator. If replacement needs then the technician can suggest buying a new piece. Therefore, you can decide to buy that part. Our efficient service providers initially check the entire condition and identify the problem, and then they will go for repair. If it is small settings, then he will guide to do in simple. Therefore, you should consult the prominent service centers in Hyderabad.

Why Quest Dial

Our service technicians will clear the entire problem in one visit. For every repair, we will charge reasonably and removes the refrigerator as the whole problem. The technician is an expert in identifying the issue that will reduce the cost for the customer. Directly he will go the same part of the repair because he will recognize the situation on seeing the fridge condition. 

Quest dial is a well-known repair center for all electronic devices in Hyderabad. We serve a lot in both Hyderabad and Secunderabad.  

Why people rush to quest dial

Quest Dial is giving 24 hours service, and within a short period, our service contributor will arrive at your doorstep. Identifying a particular problem is a remarkable thing. Our technicians are good-natured and move freely with the customers. Punctuality and time management are our mottos.

Why 24 hours service

In the software field, each person is has a busy schedule and shift system. Other employees are engaged in the daytime and get tired in up to evening hence, and we are providing 24 hours service to facilitate them.

Variety of Repairs in Refrigerators

Water leakage

Compressor problem

 Cooling problem

Condenser repair

Sounds from the fridge unexpectedly

Motor service

Capacitor defective

MCB tripping problem

Water leakage problem

Sometimes water leakage problem occurs when the ice melts off the fridge. A small gap or drain pan is the reason for the leakage; generally, it evaporates in itself, but sometimes leakage will happen. At this time, you can call to Quest Dial Refrigerator service center in Hyderabad. Immediately, our service technicians will arrive at your home.

Compressor problem 

Usually, the compressor will work for five years without repair. Some companies will give a 5 to 10 years warranty to the compressor because it is central to the refrigerator. The compressor works like an engine, and a pump works as a cycle to the fridge. Our service experts can resolve this problem in few hours. 

Cooling problem

The coolant makes cool to the coils, and the evaporator coil cool remains fresh food, fruits, and vegetables.

Condenser dirty smell 

Sometimes-dirty smell comes from the refrigerator. It fixes at the back of the fridge by generating hot air condenser converts from high force liquid to high-force gas. Condenser fan problems and coil problems will arise. In most cases, technicians suggest replacing the condenser, but our repairperson will see the condition and repair the part by cleaning the dirty particles and remove dust from the condenser.

Loud sounds appear from the refrigerator.

Sound will appear inside the fridge sometimes. There are two reasons one is motor damage, and the evaporator stops working. Due to these reasons, the refrigerator will make loud sounds. In these circumstances, please do not do any self-creations Consult the prominent service center to repair it.

Motor defective

The motor is the key to the refrigerator. It will give a life span. Alternatively, experienced professionals will replace a concerned company motor with your device.

Capacitor problem

Capacitor depends on the thermostat can supply signal to the capacitor when you connect to the electricity. It activates the refrigeration cycle. Therefore, the capacitor plays a vital role in working the refrigerator. 

Thermostat problem

If you face a thermostat problem, the refrigeration cycle cannot works. It indicates the signal problem, then immediately you should replace the thermostat.

MCB Trip

First should test whether MCB is tripping with the fridge or other device. Switch off other electronic devices and test the fridge. If he MCB trips, it is confirmed that the refrigerator is overloaded. Then you call our Refrigerator service center. Instantly our service provider will send a technician to your doorstep at your convenient timings.

How many types of Refrigerators are there? What are they?

Refrigerators are manufactured fridges in various styles. Numerous brands are here to buy in the electronic market, like bottom freezer and top freezer. The following are the types of fridges.

French door refrigerators

Side-by-side refrigerators

Top freezer refrigerators. 

Bottom freezer refrigerators

Under counter refrigerators

Freestanding refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators

Counter-depth refrigerators


Front door refrigerators

Generally, prominent families prefer a French door refrigerator on comparing to other fridges. French door offers more features and capacity is high compare to other devices.

It consists of a large freezer and shelves to place oversized items in the fridge.

The capacitor and freezer are sufficient.

Every shelf you can customize and adjust as per your convenience.

External frost and water distributors

Side-by-side refrigerator

Side-by-side refrigerators will have two doors one side refrigerator and the other side freezer. You can place any item top to bottom—fresh items and used items on different shelves. Compared to other fridges it is comfortable and built with more features, you can keep small things in several racks.

Freezer capacity is more like French door refrigerator

You can place the items vertically at your shoulder level.

You can customize the shelves at your convenience and simply it adjustable.

Outside frost and water containers

Moderate entryway swing freedom—extraordinary for limited or top-secret spaces

Occasionally called top-mount, this excellent fridge style sets the cooler over the fridge rack with one front door that opens from the side. This type of fridge makes cold accumulation trouble-free to get to and gives comprehensive in the front store. The latest features are less like external ice points and water dispensers.

The fridge is a traditional look

Refrigerator space is more than freezer space.

We can take frozen things easily.

We need more space to open the two doors in the house

A set of modern features includes inside

Price is reasonable

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

The bottom refrigerator looks high-impact and comfortable in the busy schedule for each person. In this type, you can store fresh fruits and vegetables and used items. It is completely reverse to top freezer refrigerators.

Under Counter Refrigerator

It is different from all other models storing capacity is in multiple ways to essential things. Especially you can store wine and beer bottles. It is a unique feature in the fridge.

It includes additional storage blocks for other fridge items

You can manage temperature according to the item 

You can control the over the freeze in this system.

You can store secret things in the fridge

Freestanding refrigerators

Freestanding refrigerators built with more configurations and spacious. It has good features comparing to other refrigerators.


 Built-in refrigerators

These refrigerators are fixes to the wall. Generally, people can fix it in the kitchen cabinets. It is immovable if you want to move the item frequently, then it is not a good option for you. However, the fridge has unique features.

Counter-depth refrigerator

Counter-depth price is high, and you need more space in the kitchen and more depth to fix in the kitchen cabinet. You have a flexible installation process. Users can store huge varieties inside the fridge and cannot get spoil. When you the door it looks beautiful.

Single door vs. Double door (capacity)

Generally, small families can choose a single door because it more than enough for four members. Single door Fridge capacity is 50 to 350 liters. The double door fridge capacity is 235 to495 and high capacity fridges also there. Therefore, large families prefer this refrigerator. In single, you can freeze in the top freezer section. However, n double door separate door is there for the freezer. You can safely place the fresh items. Quest dial can check the capacity and replaces the inner shelves if you need it.

Single vs. double door Refrigerator (Energy)

Suppose you need to make ice blocks in a single door fridge, then frequent open of the door may lead to melting the ice with high temperature, but in the double door, there is no need to open the freezer section. Hence, you can make frost easily in a short period. It is a good option on comparing to a single door. It is easy to improve only that particular art you can maintain the fridge easily when it goes to repair. Quest dial is an expert in doing both single and double door repairs. Our service providers will send the relevant technician to your house. 

Freezing Technology 

On comparing to single door, food remains fresh for a long time and keeps fresh. The single entry contains a giant freezer, and the double door is in-built with frost-free technology.

Inverter Technology

The latest refrigerator has inverter technology equipment to save power and to connect the inverter. The single door has a low-level compressor, and the double door manufacturers with the latest equipment like power-saving and compressor guarantee are ten years. You can save the minimum percentage of electricity. You can manage the cool and warm temperatures within the fridge.

Maintenance and clean

It would help if you did it manually in a double door fridge, automatically ice-melts, and single door. You should clean inside the refrigerator frequently and need maintenance as well.

Quest dial provides regular cleaning service and maintenance at a reasonable price. We will do standard service for our customers.

How to choose a Refrigerator for your home

You can choose the refrigerator according to your budget, Family members, kitchen place, storage capacity, and freezer usage.


First, you should see the budget capacity there in the showroom also; the salesperson will ask your budget to show the electronic device.


Family members

It would help if you bought according to your family members and your frequent guests. Sometimes according to your circle, you can choose the high-end.

Kitchen space

First, you should think about where to keep the device and power plug to buy the refrigerator. Therefore, you should see a spacious area to place the fridge near to the plug point.

Storage capacity

Fresh foods

If you need more storage, you should see the storage capacity among all fridges.


If you need to keep the frozen food in the freezer, you can see the freezer storage capacity.


A refrigerator is an essential item in the home. You should see the capacity and technology to select the power-saving mode fridge. 

Questions and Answers

Who will choose a single-door refrigerator?

Small families will choose single door fridge

Who will choose a double-door fridge?

Prominent families will choose double-door fridges.

Which is a better single door or double door fridge?

The single door is for simple item storage and to access freeze fast, and you should prefer a separate freezer point.

Which is better to buy how to choose the fridge?

You should see the guarantee and warranty of fridges and storage capacity. According to your ability, you can buy.

Why we need cleaning and maintenance?

You need maintenance and cleaning to give long life to 

the fridge

How to Identify whether it is working or not?

First, see the power plugs correctly and all connections. Sometimes overload and overheat, causing a switch off. It would help if you switched off the fridge for some time. After reducing heat, you can switch on the refrigerator automatically; it will work as usual. Still, if you face the same problem, call QUEST; DIAL, because the Servicer center will work genuinely.





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