Sony Service Center in Hyderabad

Sony Service Center in Hyderabad


Masaru Ibuka started a Sony electronics shop in the year 1946 during World War II in Shirokiya. It is in the Nihonbashi store building of Tokyo. The company first introduced a tape recorder in 1958 to record the voice and songs. Its headquarters is Sony city, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.  

Sony is famous for Electronic goods. In the beginning, it is an audio-video producer, engineering sales and production later television. Now it manufactures every electronic item, and people are attracted to the company products because it is an old established firm before Independence. Sony is a Japanese corporation and spread worldwide. It has more workforces, and it will create a new invention in Electronics.


Quest dial is a top Sony service center in the city for LED TV Services. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop solution for servicing customers locally and from other places in Hyderabad. Repairing service is necessary for every customer. We believe that customer satisfaction is important than service. We help the customers in all aspects: the businessperson's employees, homemakers, and individuals. In a busy schedule, people cannot spend the time for personal use. Therefore every person is in contact with the service center to repair the electronic devices in the house. 

Quest dial Service center aims to expand its service of products to a more extensive client base. In Hyderabad, this center occupies a prominent position. It is an effortless task in the electronic market. We provide repairing service to all electronic devices service like Television, Air conditioner, Washing machine, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Geyser service. 

Why Quest Dial

Quest dial has terrific experience in repairing Sony products.

 We will send a Sony product expert to repair the goods. We provide qualified professionals to service the product in time and will do perfectly. Company people will replace the part if necessary. Quest dial offers 24 hours service. It is easy to communicate with technicians at a convenient time.

Contact:  Quest Dial 8886697935

TV Service Center in Hyderabad offers good service at your doorstep. If you are, TV does not work or creates any technical problem for your television contact us immediately in a short period our technicians will reach you at your threshold. Later Repairer will check everything and solve it on the spot. Our technician will come to you in 24 hours after your complaint. We have a propensity skillful TV repair technicians' team in our Hyderabad surroundings. These experts will solve all products in Sony company. Television problems


 Screen problem : 

Missing pixels 

Sound problem

Tuning Problem

Won't activate

Television parts and their repairs

The television comprises an exterior or enclosure, a sound receiver and sound system, a picture tube, and a complicated set of technologies that includes wire and aerial connectors, an inbuilt antenna in several locations, a TV remote transmitter, and electronic components.

Five Basic Television Issues

The television switched on, but no visual displays. There are different reasons why your monitor will turn on but not display an image.

The video does not seem to match the music in any way.

That noise is audible. The image is distorting or blurring.

Microwave oven service in Hyderabad

Quest dial is famous for microwave oven repair. We have professionals to repair the oven in minutes. The oven stove is a kitchen item we need fast service to cook our food items daily. Therefore, we are prompt in doing quick service for essential goods. The micro oven has some critical and sensitive parts, which will damage quickly due to overheating and negligence of switch controls. 

Microwave oven major problem                                  


Microwaves use this component to convert large amounts of electricity from the transmitter into electromagnetic radiation, then used to heat prepared food. The electromagnetic coil achieves this by using an especially designed diode that controls particles using electromagnetic waves. Two shield magnets reject the particles and prevent them from escaping by rotating clockwise.


The waveguide is what it sounds like: a wind element of the convection oven. The electrons created by the capacitor are exchanged and sent to the burning hole or tank through a small metal screen. The inner panels are transparent, enabling electrons to flow back and forth fast while also acting as a critical safety mechanism by avoiding the wave from hitting the walls.

Cooling fan

Like other electric appliances, a microwave is sensitive to burning and is outfitted with a coolant to prevent this. The cooling fan in microwaves transfers the power generated by the ovens, assuring that it keeps at a warmer level.

Quest dial will do the perfect service for every repair. You should call for the above components repair. Within 24 hours, our service providers will send an experienced mechanic to the spot. We hired qualified professionals for all products repair.

Sony AC service center in Hyderabad

Quest dial is famous for the Sony AC service center in Hyderabad. Our qualified professionals will repair your product. Our professionals will check your product both on-site and on-site platform. We need customers' satisfaction than earning money. Hence, each Sony customer can contact us to repair the product.

Refrigerant: Refrigerant is the central part of the Air conditioner. It brings calm to the inside and emits heat to the outside. You can face any problem with these two functions; you should consult the Quest dial service center.

Compressor: Compressor will work with coolant. Suppose you face any problem with a compressor. In that case, you can check the warranty period of the compressor because the company will repair free service or replace the item if it is over the damage.

Condenser coil: It catches high-temperature coolant from the compressor. If you face any problem from this, you can call Quest dial to resolve it instantly. 

Evaporate Coil: It receives heat from the room and emit it outside, and remains 

The room is cool.

Expansion value: It controls the temperature values

Quest dial can repair all the above parts and will give regular service if you take membership. It is reasonable, and we will provide concession on the membership card 

Sony Refrigerator service in Hyderabad

Sony Refrigerator is the best product in India. Generally, it is hard to buy Sony accessories. Quest dial has a great deal with the Sony Company to purchase supplements online. We will give bulk orders to every Sony product and will keep spare in our go down. Therefore, we will do service fast and perfectly. Now we are planning to spread our service in the whole of Telangana. Presently we are familiar with Hyderabad and Secunderabad. 

Variety of Repairs in Refrigerators

Water leakage: Sometimes, water leakage problems will occur in the refrigerator. At this point, you call us to avoid significant repair.

Compressor problem: Generally Refrigerator brand will give a warranty to the compressor according to a device for Five to ten years. Hence, within the warranty period company will provide free service. 

 Cooling problem:  If you face a cooling problem, then the vegetables and fruits will get damage.

Condenser repair: If you smell a foul smell from the refrigerator, it is a condenser problem. In the initial stage, you must consult the service center about repairing the product.

Sounds from the fridge unexpectedly- Unwanted sounds would arise in the refrigerator due to motor damage.

Motor service: Motor service is mandatory to give long life to the fridge.

Sony washing machine service in Hyderabad

Sony washing machine is a virtual electronic device. Users will buy every product in this Sony brand only. We can provide professionals to repair the washing machine.

 Each user will satisfy with our service. We never disappoint our customers. Finally, at any cost, our regular customer will contact us. Therefore, we will take render service of each product in Sony brand. Quest dial can handle bulk issues in electronic devices. We provide sufficient staff in an emergency.

 We require good customers who understand me. Each individual needs a washing machine to clean our clothes.


It assists in the elimination of mud from garments. It is within the washer. It agitates in the soap and rotates with the spin cycle to remove dirt from the clothes.

Pipe for Drain

After completing the washing process, water must flush, and clothes should remove the clothes. As a result, the water can be pumped outside via the pipe.


The motor is the essential component of a clothes washer. Electric motors came, and the agitator will assist in cleaning all dark marks and dust from the clothes by revolving along with them.

Circuit board (PCB)

When you select wash or spin, PCB receives the information and operates automatically. All elector components will be on the PCB.

Programmer, the programmers can show the machine's level of water and washing type, such as daily wash. Clean. Super clean


There are two tubs in the washing machine. The inner and outer tubs help load the clothes, while the inner tube helps in the cleaning process.

Control Valve for Water Inlet

When we keep the clothes inside the dishwasher, it helps in the opening of the valve.

These are the main parts of the washing machine, which creates problems frequently. Quest dial can easily hide these issues in a moment. Our organization will give you good service and keeps your item safe. Regular maintenance of the electronic device avoids such problems. We are providing maintenance service also for our customers.

Geyser service center in Hyderabad

People like Sony geyser because they feel that it is brand technology. Therefore, people like to buy this product. Technology depends on competition People will look at brands before going to purchase the product. Hence, people are worried about technology.


Magnesium Anode Rod  

Geyser thermostat

Geyser heating element

The Purpose of MG Anode Rods

Will preserve the purity of hot water will preserve with the use of a magnesium anode rod. Which will permit the water to flow smoothly through the pipes, allowing the tank to live longer?

The anode rod will rust after a few years of continuous use of Geyser MG. If the damaged part produces a bad smell, you should contact a mechanic to replace the Anode rod.

Without removing, the Geyser skilled technicians will identify the anode rod issue. He will replace the part later.


The Geyser thermostat is an integral part. The thermostat will regulate the water temperature.

In some cases, wills set the geyser's temperature to a specific temperature according to the climatic conditions.

Thermostat problem

Lots and lots of water

Geyser parts are available in our store. We will provide spare parts for your device.

We polish the inner item and removes dust particles. Geyser maintenance is compulsory to avoid infections and some dangerous diseases. Users should clean daily to cook any item in the Geyser.


Sony Products are luxurious in the world. The latest Electronic devices emerge in the electronic market, but people believe old is gold. Now Sony is familiar with all electronic devices and producing spare parts for the convenience of the people. Quest dial is a great supporter for Sony devices and providing spare parts to the customer. It is a famous service center in Hyderabad. Each customer will take the quest dial support for the electronic device problems. People are feeling happy with the Quest dial services because it is providing 24 hours service. It is an excellent opportunity for working women. 

1. Why do People purchase only Sony Products?

A. Sony is the old company. It has a lot of experience, and all parts of all products will be available in the market. Quest dial is a supportive organization to its service.

2. Is Sony products are costly.

A. No Sony products are reasonable. Everyone can buy the products.

3. Is Sony products are repairable.

A. Yes, you can consult Quest dial for solving all issues in the warranty and non-warranty period.

1. Why Quest dial is giving 24 hours service

A. To facilitate workers and shift system employees. It is providing round-the-clock service.

Can a user call at midnight for the service?

Booking time is flexible. You should call in an emergency for another service.















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