Washing Machine Service Center in Hyderabad

Washing Machine Service Center in Hyderabad

Washing Machine Service Centre in Hyderabad

 Our Lifestyle depends on today's environment is about dressing and variety of design. Every person is wearing neat and clean suits in daily life. Currently, it is essential.

 Washing clothes is how difficult a homemaker knows better than other people do. The washing machine is mandatory in our house. Everyday use of the device will damage and come to repair.

 Quest dial is helping people to improve the washing machine instantly. Quest dial is a renowned service center in Hyderabad. It has ten and years of experience in washing machine service. Our experts will identify the problem immediately and start work on the spot.

 Our service provider comes to your doorstep immediately and rectifies the problem.



 Why Quest dial

Quest dial technician can identify the problem and resolve it. Ours is a 24 hours service; our service is excellent and 24 hours service, after the complaint received the technician will rush to the customer. If the machine requires the parts, he will arrange the spare parts and simultaneously resolve the problem. Our technician will purchase, or in some cases, we will provide the spare parts at a reasonable price.

Contact:  Quest Dial 8886697935

Guarantee and warranty as per the product.

 Types of repairs

 The washing machine stopped unexpectedly

 Washing machine making sound


 Warranty expiration

 Types of washing machines

 Top load washing machine

  Front-load Washing machine

 Semi-Automatic washing machine

 Fully automatic washing machine

 Let us discuss the Top load washing machine. Quest dial is an expertise in doing top load washing machine repair. It can quickly solve all the problems. 

Five significant problems Of Washing machine

Top load washing machine

Washer makes noise, and it vibrates while washing. 

The washer will stop suddenly

 Pumping problem

 The cloth basket will slow down, and it will not spin

 Sometimes washer makes sounds, 

Top bearing damage leads to water leak 

 Washer Stops immediately

 The door switch should be damaged or need to replace due to overuse of machine.

Water pump problem

 The water drain problem will sometimes arise if we need to replace it or to repair it. You should check the drain pump connection and resolve it. If need replace the new part


 The basket wants a spinner.

 Overload may cause this problem. First, you should remove some clothes and check whether it is working or not. Still, you identify the same problem, and then you can change the entire surface to run fast

 Front door washing machine

 Here we should discuss the front open washing machine problems

 Not working problem

 Sometimes of water is not receiving to the machine

 Why machine is not working

 See the power button. Sometimes the power plug connection is a loser or detached and the wire problem.

The program should select the operator.

 The machine door is not opening machine may be jammed

 You can see the door symbol

 Identification for the main problems

 The water level is high

 High temperature and high speed

 These are the causes of not opening the door

 Door lock error: First, we should see the switch then off the button to the machine for 2 minutes, and then it will open automatically. Later you check the door error message. If you disable the child lock for 2 minutes, then the indicator displays the info. Thereupon the door opens easily.

 How to solve the washing machine program

Check the start button whether it is on or not

 Open the top and check the water pressure and water supply

 Check the status of the program, pause, soak, rinse, and press the manual according to our requirement

 No water to the machine

 The water supply or not

 Check the Inlet. If it is blocked, then remove the blockage.

 Fix the bend and clean the blockage 

 Semi-automatic washing machine 

 Semi-automatic is better than fully automatic because you can soak the clothes for one or two hours manually in the machine.

Vibrating the machine


Vibrating can cause due to poor balance fashion should be 

Place in the flat surface

 Make your clothes without buttons and hooks; then the machine will shake. 

 Not working properly

 First, you check the switch plug to make you both is working or not

Set the timer before going to switch on the button check the mode because in drain Mode machine will not work. If it is the same in the washing mode (control mode) or control mode. Then you can call the technician or service center to repair

 Washing the clothes dirty

 The machine works, but it will not wash adequately closed get these clothes if we wear these clothes, skin rash appears to the body. Observe the problem and try to resolve it. You need to clean the filter after four or five washers.

 Using a small amount of detergent

 Pouring less water also one of the reasons

 You cannot use dirty water.

 You can use fresh and soft water. If you use hard water, then you can wash it in four or five washes. 

 Water keeps draining

 Check the washing machine selector; then you call the 

Service Centre to replace it

 Machine stops suddenly

Make sure, whether the switch, plug, and button of the device all connections are correct or not. Still, you face the problem, and then go for a repair

 Sometimes overload gets this problem.

 The washing machine is noisy.

In some cases, coins, iron, and metal will be placed between the drum, and while spinning, the machine makes noise 

 Fault operation, overload, damage of some parts, the loose connection may cause the noise in the washing machine

 Fully automatic washing machine problems

 Pumping water problem

 Spin cycle problem

 Error showing

 Noise in the machine

 Vibrating problem

 Drainage water problem

 In the fully automatic engine, sometimes drainage problems will arise due to the excretion of the drainage system

 The washing cycle is not working, causes this problem due to carbon jam and a white sensor, switch off the washing machine. It will solve by replacing the weight sensor. Fully automatic is 100 percent safe and risk-free device.



Error Message

In a fully automatic washing machine, each controls system automatically. Therefore, if there is any error cause automatically, it will display the error. It contains the washing methods and conditions like water level amount and cleaning time.

Noise in the machine

If you place the clothes without closing the buttons or any iron particles will be placed along with the clothes, you can hear the sound from the washing machine. In some cases, parts will damage the device. Then the engine makes the sound.

Vibration problem

Generally, in automatic machine problem does not occur so we can place a washing machine when you put it in a suitable place we cannot face the problem. After prolonged use of the washer, some parts will repair or loose connection inside the machine. Hence, the engine gets vibration.

Our service experts will identify these errors and will rectify them on the spot. 

You should see whether the technician is an expert in identification or not. Then only you can proceed to give the service. Therefore, you should 

consult Quest dial.

Semi-automatic Washing machine


We can pour water manually according to the cloth level

On comparing to the fully automatic, we need less water

The spin cycle needs less time

We can move from one place to another easily

We should transfer the clothes from the water tub to the spin tub to make dry the clothes.


You should remove the electric plug while removing the clothes from wash to dry the clothes.

All the controls are manual.

You need more space to keep the machine because it is a larger electronic device.

Fully automatic top loading washing machine


Generally, the cost is reasonable than a front load washing machine

You can keep clothes and just fresh wash after washing the clothes, and it will go to spin and become dry

No need to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dry tub

It is a lightweight device

Many models and features are available in the electronic market


Tou should connect to a tank tap or running water to wash the clothes.

You should click direct tap to complete the washing process

Water consumption is high

Fully automatic front loading machine


Generally need more water

 The washing quality is excellent


The initial cost is high

In this machine, both slow and quick washing machines are there to buy 

Top load washing machine weight is higher on comparing to other

According to your choice, we can purchase the loading capacity machines

It would help if you had a fixed place to keep the washing machine because the engine is more extensive than other electronic devices

Top load vs. Front-load 

Top Load washer is comfortable to load and unload clothes

Joint pain patients who are suffering from back pain people can buy full load washer

You can add the cloth in the middle while running the cycle

In these two types of full load, machines are there. One is an agitator and the other impeller

Agitator’s water will create a motion by vibrating and forcing water

The agitator washes the fabrics quickly. In some top loaders, non-agitators washes perfectly 

You can place more clothes at once

When you keep overload, then the clothes become rough with tightening inside. It is hard to clean some more oversized items because they cannot be immense in the water.

Front loader Machine

Front-loaders washes perfect and risk-free washing machine. Directly you can remove the clothes after dry.

The front loader can wash all types of fabrics.

In the final spin cycle, the front loader can spin high speed than in the beginning and remove all clothes.

Dry the clothes fast and comparing to other

You need more maintenance frequent cleaning process is necessary

All parts and the functions of the washing machine


It helps in cleaning the mud clothes. It locates inside the washing machine. It rotates along with spin-cycle to remove dirt from the fabrics and agitates in the soap water.

Drain Pipe

After completion of cleaning process machine, need to drain water to dry or remove the clothes. Therefore, it helps to drain the water outside through the pipe.


The motor is the central part of the washing machine. Modern engines came, and the agitator will help rotate along with clothes in removing all black spots and dust from the clothes.

Printed circuit board

PCB receives the information when you select wash or spin, and it operates automatically. PCB includes all elector components.


Programmer can show the water level and washing type in the machine, for ex: daily wash Clean. Super clean


In the washing machine, two tubs are there. The inner and outer Outer tub helps load the clothes, and the inner tub helps while washing the clothes.

Water Inlet Control Valve

It helps in opening the valve when we keep the clothes inside the washing machine.



You can set the timer in both automatic and manual. You can keep time as per your clothes load.

Detergent slot

You can pour surf. It will supply the detergent to the washing tub.

Water inlet hose

It receives water from the tap and helps to supply the water for the entire cleaning process.

Drain hose

It helps to throw the water outside from the washing tub.


A washing machine is a virtual electronic device in the house. .machine service is necessary for the new appliance as well. Therefore, we should keep the repair service number with us in an emergency.  

Contact:  8886697935

Question and answers

Why are top-loaders convenient?

Top loader for better than front loader washing machine because you need send to load and upload the cloth

Who will choose the top loader?

People who are suffering from back pain knee pain choose the top loader washing machine

Why is the front load washing machine better?

The front loader is a quality cleaner than all other watches, and every operation is easy and automatic.

Who will purchase the front load washing machine?

People who need daily wash and mud clothes will choose the front load washing machine.

Why is semi-automatic better than fully automatic?

Semi-automatic, you can soak the clothes before going to switch on

As a result, all the mud spots will be removed

Who will choose semi-automatic?

The semi-automatic machine needs few water scarcity areas will choose the automatic washing machine.

People who need to add the cloth in the mid-cycle also choose the semi-automatic.




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